Dr. Hauschka Kosmetik WALA Heilmittel GmbH

Dr Hauschka Clarifying Clay Mask Pot 90g

Dr. Hauschka Cleansing Clay Mask clarifying mask deeply cleanses, invigorates, and clarifies the skin. Notably ideal for a toughened, large-pored, blemished, and oily skin. Instructive clay masks deeply cleanse, invigorate, and clarifies all skin conditions, and effectively help minimize blemishes and enlarged pores. For skin that tends to be dry and sensitive. Creates healthy, a beamy complexion by harnessing the facility of altogether natural plant ingredients.

Clarifying Clay Mask Pot is the instructive clay mask has optimum impact if mixed with a facial toner or an instructive toner and water. Forever apply cleansing clay mask once employing facial steam tub. Deep cleansing mask to purifies the skin. The alteration action drying on your light pulls the impurities out of your holes. Ideal for deep cleansing of dead skin, giant pored, blemished, and oily skin.

  • A deep cleansing mask to purify the skin.
  • Has a deep cleansing and clarifying effect.
  • Soothes the skin and loosens blackheads.
  • Ideal for a deep cleansing a dead skin, giant pored, blemished and oily skin.
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