RefectoCil KIT- 3x RefectoCil Eyelash and Eyebrow Tint + RefectoCil Oxidant 3% (10 vol)


Refectocil Trio- RefectoCil Light Brown 15ml, RefectoCil Black 15ml, RefectoCil Natural Brown 15ml and 3% RefectoCil Oxidant 100ml.  

The RefectoCil cream dye trio is a specially curated set of three vibrant and long-lasting hair colors, packaged with a 3% oxidant. The colors included in the set are carefully selected to complement each other and give you the flexibility to create a range of customized shades.

With this bundle, you can achieve a perfect hair color without the need to purchase additional products. The 3% oxidant is designed to work with the cream dyes, ensuring that the color develops evenly and beautifully. The oxidant is also gentle on the hair, minimizing the risk of irritation or damage.

Product Features

Manufacturer: RefectoCil

Type: Hair dye + liquid oxidant

Capacity: 3x 15ml + 100ml

Key Benefits

  • Includes 3 colors and 3% oxidant;
  • Provides flexibility for custom shades;
  • Long-lasting color;


Mix the dye and oxidant in a 1:1 ratio until the mixture is smooth. Apply the mixture evenly to dry hair making sure to cover all of the hair you want to color. Leave the dye on for the recommended amount of time, checking the color periodically until you reach the desired shade.

Please keep in mind that the packaging may look different as Refectocil has undergone a change in its graphic design recently

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