KATIVA Brazilian Straightening Blonde Kit

KATIVA Keratin Hair Straightening Kit is a treatment that until recently was available only in hair salons. Now you can also use it at home and get the perfect hairstyle in a few simple steps. The Kativa Alisado Brasileno Straighten Blonde kit for keratin hair straightening will help you with this. You will find everything you need to give your strands a new expression.

Pre-Treatment Shampoo 15ml in a sachet

Before the treatment, the hair must be thoroughly cleaned of all impurities, remains of styling cosmetics and excess sebum. The product opens the scales, thanks to which later cosmetics can penetrate better and thus work better. After use, the strands may feel rough and damaged, but there is no reason to worry - this is a normal reaction to very strong cleansing!

Hair straightening mask

This is the most important stage. The mask covers all the strands with a thick layer, and you don't have to regret the amount used. The product is based on olive oil and hydrolyzed keratin, so it intensively smoothes, moisturizes and softens the strands. It also closes the previously opened cuticle and makes the hairstyle look perfect already at this stage.

Post-treatment shampoo

Hair after keratin straightening treatment needs to be nourished to strengthen and preserve the effect. This shampoo has a light formula and rich composition. It contains keratin and argan oil, thanks to which it smoothes and softens the strands, restoring their natural glow. It is designed for everyday use and is enough for a few uses.

Conditioner for use after the treatment

This is the last stage. After washing the strands, it is worth nourishing them additionally. The rich formula covers all strands thoroughly, smoothes them and prolongs the straightening effect. Active keratin replenishes the losses and makes the strands straight for many weeks or even months. The emollient formula provides a healthy, shiny glow.
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