Proraso Green Aftershave Lotion 100ml


Proraso Green After Shaving Lotion in a tube is designed for very sensitive skin. It is introduced with a soothing mixture of oatmeal extract which softly the skin while bringing relief to inflamed skin, and green lotion that passes antioxidant protection. It also holds coconut oil that moisturizes skin and helps to prevent blade burn and skin irritation. It has a thick concentrated texture, softens the beard, helps the razor glide smoothly over the skin to prevent damage and irritation after shaving.

Proraso Green Shaving Lotion delivers refreshed and toned feeling with nice physic and fruity fragrance with notes of lime and apple. It soothes your face with naturally nourishing ingredients. Proraso green shave lotion is an effective alcohol-free recipe enriched with oatmeal extract and vitamin E combined, which the skin, fighting, and an aftershave lotion. Which creates particularly fine, dense, and full-bodied lotion.


  • It also prevents razor burn after shaving.
  • It gives early relief to irritated and sensitive skin.
  • It leaves skin soft and smooth, both at first and after shaving.

Ingredients: The traditional formula contains eucalyptus oil and menthol, providing immediate relief after shaving, toning and refreshing the skin.

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